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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In other news...

So, as you all know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. You didn't know? Is that why you didn't send me a card?


Well, people on Ravelry came to my rescue, look at all the stuff I received!

I also placed an order with Alison for some teeny tiny 4" DPN's, some Wendy's Happy Yarn (it's gorgeous stuff, 75% Bamboo and 25% Nylon; sooooooooooooo soft!) and a chart holder.

Alison is the person that Kerry bought my KnitPicks needles from for my birthday last year and look what Alison did this year!

Remember WWKiPD? Well we were in the local paper!
I've also received my first installment of Knitting Goddess Sock Club yarn and it's gorgeous!
I can't wait to find a gorgeous pattern for that one!

I met up with (what felt like) half the knitting group last night to do some spinning. We had great fun, I'm still struggling a little bit, but I'm slowly getting there! I let Jake and Rachael have a play on the wheel too - they both loved it!

I think Joy was right to begin with; I think an Ashford Traditional is too heavy to me - maybe it's the single treadle, not sure. But I shall be on the lookout for a new wheel at iKnit!

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