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Thursday, 23 July 2009


I've spent a happy couple of hours mucking around with all that stuff down the side of my posts. I've now managed to change the font of my progress bars (I feel so smug!) to match this font, I've changed the "What I'm listening to" to a slideshow AND I've added a link to a guestbook.

Unfortunately all the ones that embed in the blog were crap so if you click "Sign Guestbook" or "View Guestbook"; it will take you somewhere else, but there should be a link there so you can come back again.

I noticed under my finished objects list that the last thing I finished was the humongous KSH shawl (which I adore and wear often).

That's not actually true! I finished Vortical!

Aren't they super? Sorry about the crappy camera work, I took the photo on my phone! They fit great and feel wonderful. I want more!

Other than those though, I haven't finished anything else. I just want to keep casting on for stuff lol but I am hoping to get a whole load of stuff finished soon! I have actually knitted two socks for Alex, neither fit and they got frogged, so I've been really busy but I haven't any FO's to show for it!

Pattern: Votrical


Yarn: Jazz It Up from flutterby-creations

Time: 29-05-09 - 19-06-09 (while doing other projects)

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