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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Cabled Yoke Cardigan, Scarf, etc

I've finished! The cardigan is finished and it looks GREAT! Get a load of this! I also found some lovely clasps on eBay and it goes perfectly with the cardigan.

I want to make another one now, maybe in a different colour though not sure what colour…don't think they do purple aran :'(

I also completed this drop stitch scarf , I did it in Noro Silk Garden and used 3 balls. I initially bought the yarn for Askew, but didn't like it when I started so I frogged it. Then I saw Jan making a drop stitch scarf at our last knitting meet and after a bit of discussion with her decided to make the scarf up in the Noro. It looks gorgeous, but needs to be blocked to show it's full potential. I initially made this for me, but Jess has made it quite clear that I'm not going to get to wear it LOL

Now I'm making Beaumonde for Jess's friend, Ellie as a Christmas present.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What’s happening lately…

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, not posted for a while, basically because not a great deal has happened. I've received some Debbie Bliss pure silk from a Ravelry user, I was a bit miffed because Royal bloody Mail stung me for 'International Handling Fee's'.

I've spent today filling in forms, Alex's DLA is up for renewal and I've kept putting it off. Then I got a letter telling me that because I'm on Income Support with a disability premium, I have to apply for Incapacity Benefit. Then after talking to them on the phone they told me I should apply for Child Tax Credit too! Now all the forms are filled in and I've just got to post them!

Mum's going on a 5 day cruise on the QE2 tomorrow. I made Cinnamon Latte for her to take on the cruise and today I received a gorgeous shawl pin off eBay - it arrived just in time! It'll go perfectly with that shawl AND with Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights which we will be casting on January 3rd. I've got several people on Ravelry interested in doing it too, so I've organised a KAL.

I got the beads for it today - blimey they're small. We decided a couple of days ago to thread the beads before cast on day, which is a bloody good thing now I've seen the beads - it's gonna take ages!

I also received two row counters from Muddy Paws, I can't wait to use them, they're great!

I've also just bought an iPhone, it's lovely and I've managed to get one of those sim hacker things so I can use my T-Mobile sim in it, but I can't jailbreak the damn thing. I've tried 4 times and every time the phone just freezes up. It's a brand new phone so I think I'll give it a bit longer until they've perfected the jailbreaking software for the phone.

Oh, I also had my nails done on Friday, then I met up with a few of the others from the knitting group so we could knit in public as last week was National Knitting Week!

Monday, 13 October 2008

What I’ve been doing

Forgive me if this doesn't make sense - I didn't go to bed last night and I'm exhausted!

I've been working hard on my cabled yoke cardigan from Vogue Knitting, I've completed the front and the back, just doing the sleeves, then I can sew it all together and do the yoke.

Mum said it's starting to get cold and she's been suffering with the most awful chest infection, so I rustled up Tudora for her. This is her modelling it along with a pic of the back of my cardi.

Going to get back into the afghan as soon as I've finished this cardigan. I've also got to make a "Weasley" for Kerry's son Herbie. I've got the wool, still waiting for her to send me the measurements. I'm hoping to have my cardigan finished by the end of the week!

Must remember to buy some buttons tomorrow!

Now I feel all inferior

On Friday I told you about the World's Biggest Stash - today I decided it was time to sort out my stash into some semblance of order.

Now I feel all inferior :'(

Friday, 10 October 2008

Knitters Paradise

I'm just off to battle the insomnia, but I had to draw your attention to this! Isn't it amazing? I could barely breathe when I first saw those photos. Now THAT is knitting paradise!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Oooooooooooooh, look what came in the post today, I bought it from another Ravelry user and it is simply gorgeous -– it's Knitwitches silk and there's LOADS –- I'm going to have so much fun finding the perfect project for it! A friend has just loaned me Victorian Lace Today and A Gathering of Lace, I'm bound to find something in there!

And here's a photo of Phoebe modelling one of the romper suits I made for her - apparently she's growing out of them fast!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Road Rage!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Why is everyone on the road - apart from me, obviously - a complete and utter idiot!

Don't worry - that was a rhetorical question!

I went to Newport to get the design on my nails changed today - don't they look great??

Anyway, on my way down the High St in Newport, heading for Coppins Bridge roundabout, I was in the right hand lane (to Sandown). As I went onto the roundabout, some old fart in a Jaguar with a woman who'd had some kinda botox explosion on her face, tried to cut me up. I moved forward and threw him a filthy look - which I'm very good at lol.

The Jeep behind me allowed this idiot to cut in, then BOTH cars overtook while in the wrong lane and then both of them cut me up! I couldn't believe it. What the hell is wrong with people? I sounded the horn to notify the Jeep that I wasn't happy about being cut up and the dickhead behind the wheel got all huffy - yes, he'd indicated, but just cos you flash your indicators does not mean you can cut in front without waiting for me to, at least, acknowledge you! What a pratt!!!

It's at times like this I wish I still smoked!

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Dontcha just love Freecycle? If you haven't heard of it, it's a swap group essentially. If you have something you want to get rid of locally, but you can't be bothered to sell it or whatever, you just send a mail through the yahoo group. If someone wants it, they mail you or call you and they collect!

Look what I picked up today!

How great is that! It's got a little dent in the front and the top is a bit of a mess, but that can be covered easily and it's in full working order. I've cleaned it up and it's come up great!