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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Socks! And the laptop!

I've been having this ongoing problem with Google - I use Google a lot and I found that whenever I did a search, then click on a link - the first link I clicked on wouldn't open that page, it would open MySpace, or Amazon or eBay - some stupid site like that! I was also unable to update Windows Defender, Windows Update or AVG.

I did a bit of research and discovered it was probably due to a virus! OMG, a virus! I've got two virus programs - where the hell did the virus come from?

I created some recovery discs and wiped my laptop. It took aaaaaaaaaaall day!

On a happier note - I finished the socks!!!

Pattern: Viking Socks

Source: lykkefanten

Yarn: Hot Pink Semi Solid Sock from The Knitting Goddess

Time: 24-04-09 - 2-05-09


  1. Gorgeous!!!! You know what you have done, I got bored with ss socks & now want to do something more interesting!