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Saturday, 3 October 2009

My finest yet

I purchased a load of fibre from Natalie several months ago, some of it I have spun up and am knitting an Original Moebius with.

Then my WooLee Winder arrived - Omigosh it's fabulous! I can spin sooooooo fine using it.

I spun some BFL up and it was gorgeous. I let the single rest for about 2 weeks while I decided what I was going to do with it.

In the end I decided to try Navajo Plying and it worked!

I am gobsmacked at what I've produced.

I know it's 22 WPI, but I'm not sure on how much I've got as I forgot to count it while winding onto the niddy noddy LOL. It's soaking now so I can set the twist - once it's dry, I'll come back and edit this post!

I ended up with 228m/249yards of yarn - there's enough there to make a pair of ankle socks! I thought I might have a go at this

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