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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I think the bug has bit me!

After WWKiPD it's all I can think about! Brenda has been talking about spinning on the back episodes of Cast On that I've been listening too, Gemma aka KraftyKoala has just ordered a wheel and when I mentioned on twitter that it looked like something I could get into, it sparked a 2 hour conversation LOL!

I spent the rest of the night prowling the net (especially eBay) pricing them up!

I arrived at knit tonight and there was no one there! OK, so quite often I arrive first, but I sat there and sat there and no one arrived.

Just as I was feeling like a right Billy No Mates, I happened to look out the window to see 4 people crowded around 3 spinning wheels!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, spinning wheels! So I rushed outside to find Joy, Jane, Mindy and Helen all sitting there discussing spinning. Well after last night on twitter it just felt like fate.

Helen let me have a play on her Ashford Traditional and then Joy let me have a go on her double treddle. Joy reckons the double treddle will be better for me because of my back AND it packs away; as I don't really have room for a wheel, that seems more ideal than a Traditional really!

So, Joy has said she'll loan me her Traditional wheel so that I can spend more than a few minutes playing with it to find out if my back can handle it and invited me to the next spinning guild meeting (next Tuesday) and has also mentioned going to fibrecraft in Godalming to have a play on some of their wheels too.

Now I'm hunting around looking for fibre, I have no idea what I need, but I'm entering this competition - after all, free stuff is always good, right? Right! Besides, it's all so pretty!

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