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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Socks, spinning, Unravel & a milestone

So, let's see.

I finished my D socks, I did the Double Basket Socks from Little Box of Socks in some really bright yarn that came from Natalie (aka The Yarn Yard).

I really like them (even though I don't normally go for orange); they're bright and I smile whenever I look at them!

I've also had a massive plying session! I've finished both Still Waters and the pink tencel/merino I was spinning.

This colourway is called Madder Lake, I had 100g of it and I 2 plied the singles. I ended up with a whopping 948.7 m/1037.5 y.

Jess has claimed the yarn and I think I'll make her a Clapotis.

Then we have Still Waters, a 'Glitterball' from BabyLongLegs (who, incidentally, I got Sherry The Cherry from). Gorgeous colours and it has sterling silver in it too!

I Navajo plied this yarn to preserve the colours and ended up with 661.4 m/723.3 y.

Today....well, yesterday now as it's 2.15am....was Unravel at Farnham Maltings. I went with Debs in her car and met up with Helen and Claire when we got there. There was more there than I was expecting to see, but not as much fibre as I hoped for.

I did buy some gorgeous humbug stuff, black Alpaca and merino. I bought 500g of it and I started it this evening. It's so soft and luscious!

I also spent loads of money with Daniela from The Felt Studio UK - I think I might as well just give that woman the password to my paypal account. Have you seen the batts she cards? If not, go and visit for her etsy shop, just make sure someone is there to restrain you!

Now today is Sunday and it is also my daughter's 16th birthday.

I'm astonished when I look at her; she's a young lady now! When the hell did that happen? I love who she is (most of the time), but I miss that cute little girl that she used to be with ringlet hair and a cheeky giggle. Now she's a gorgeous young woman who wears revealing clothes and makeup!



Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Rambly post

Sorry I've been so quiet! No excuse really, just one of those things.

I finally got over the flu, gawd I felt ill! It took so long for the coughing to stop, then it simmered down to needing to clear my throat every five minutes - it was exhausting!

I still haven't plied the fibre I showed you in my last post, I started spinning some merino and tencel that Josie sent me a year or so ago and am now trying to get that finished - looks like I have a huge plying session awaiting me!

I'm steaming ahead quite nicely with the sock challenge, we are currently on letter D, socks A, B and C are all finished. Don't they look fab?

I'm going to save them until they're all complete before I start wearing them - well, that's the plan anyway LOL.

Unravel is next weekend! I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be travelling with Debs and I'll finally get to see Claire face to face (I was so gutted not to go to the tennis tournament and meet her in December!). I'm also looking forward to meeting old and new friends too!

I'm back to sleeping in the lounge at the moment, I bought a bath last month, but can't afford to get it fitted and my craft room is the only room big enough to store it in *sigh*

I'm sure there's more to tell you, but my mind has gone blank and Alex is clamouring for the computer (the one I gave him for Christmas died a spectacular death in the first week, so he's now using my Mac and I use the iPad - it's just still quicker to type on a keyboard that gives you tactile feedback than a touchscreen!)

If I remember what else I wanted to say, I'll be back in true Swarzeneggar style :D