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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A pledge

Ally called me today.

Ally is my friend in Scotland. She lives the other end of the country from me and I've only ever met her twice, but she is one of my best friends!

I had a REAL bad flare up a few years ago, I woke one morning at 2am and I couldn't move, all I could do was flail my arms and legs about like an idiot. I scared myself to the point that I called my mum at work in hysterics.

She left work to come and find out if I was ok and I called the emergency doctor out too.

Diagnosis: herniated disc! I was bedridden and medicated for about ten days.

Ally called me EVERY SINGLE DAY! She called to natter when I was awake enough to do so, to check that I was ok and to keep me up to date with all the gossip.

When my father was dying of cancer, Ally called me every day again to find out how I was coping and to give me someone to vent to.

She never judges me - or if she does, she keeps her opinions to herself LOL!

Anyway, she called today, she's not been well and is having a whole batch of tests and rubbishy horrible stuff done and she told me that she enjoys reading my blogs and seeing the pictures that I post.

So, I'm making a pledge that I shall try and update my blog on a more regular basis - even if it's just rubbishy posts about everyday life!

For Ally.

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