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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oh wow, I haven’t posted for so long…

I guess I've got some major catch up work to do as I haven't posted in ages!

I've managed to finish all my Christmas knitting and I did it in time to deliver to Kerry's on 23rd December too! Here are pictures (click the links) of the stuff I've finished since last posting.

A sweater for Dominic , a scarf for Mel , a capelet for Rose (a client at the home my mother works in) and a snugly wrap for me! I also managed to finish the blanket that Kerry requested for her friend who is expecting a baby in February! I've just started the sampler stole from A Gathering Of Lace to keep me going until we start Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights on 3rd January!

We had our knitting Christmas dinner on the 15th, I'd really been looking forward to it and had new clothes for it –- aren't they fabulous? I ended up being sick twice due to a migraine and calling my mother to come and rescue me tut.

I was absolutely gutted to miss the dinner so a few of us met for lunch today and it was really nice.

I went to visit Kerry and the kids on 23rd December; we had a lovely day even though Kerry, Phoebe, Alex and I all had the flu!

The journey was all too much for me unfortunately and I spent the next four days wrapped in a blanket with streaming eyes and a streaming nose. I haven't done any Christmas baking and I didn't get drunk on Christmas day like I'd been planning too lol!

I'm starting to feel much better so I shall see the new year in with style, even if I am just sat at home!

Happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Lots to catch up

So, let's see, what's been going on? Loads!!

Just over a week ago, Alex and I were messing around and Alex's elbow knocked my cup of tea over…all over my laptop! I yelled in shock and tipped Alex and Isis off my lap yelling to everyone to get some tissue.

Alex immediately got very stroppy and yelled at me so I yelled back at him and he stormed off to bed in a huff. Thankfully, the laptop turned out to be ok, but the next day I got a call from the school telling me that Alex had flipped out.

I went up to the school, but Alex refused to talk to me other than to yell at me shouting that he didn't have a home or family and that he wanted to be adopted. Normally I can pull him out of these phases he goes through, but this time, I was the cause. I ended up having to leave him at school…I left in tears.

About an hour later, Alex and his teacher came home and Alex gave me a huge hug. We were both exhausted and totally drained afterward.

Our X-Box 360 is on the fritz, of course I've made a deal with the kids that I'll buy them one big present and give them cash for Christmas (saves me the stress of all that Christmas shopping!). They all decided to have Guitar Hero for the X-Box 360! So we've spent the last week or so panicking that we wouldn't have an X-Box to play the Christmas present on, but I've just received an e-mail telling me it's on it's way home WOO HOO!

Whatever you do, DON'T buy a HP C7280 printer, what a piece of crap! I got one about a year ago when my last printer died because the man in Staples recommended that model. I found the software cumbersome to use, if I tried to print photos I had to load one sheet at a time or it would pull several through at once and print one photo over several pages.

Then about a month ago I started getting an error message telling me that the duplex module wasn't installed, I took it in to Staples and they sent it off. A couple of weeks later I was told to collect a new printer from Staples, but kept receiving the error message. This meant that I was turning the page so that printing was manual two sided.

A week or so ago I wanted to print a page and just told it to print anyway, when I went to collect the page, it had printed two sided automatically! It just meant that I had to click 'print' twice to get it to print anything two sided. Then yesterday I bought the Garden Variety Collection from Susan Pandorf, I was merrily printing away when I received an error message telling me that the Ink System had failed! I tried everything, I reset the printer and it printed the alignment page perfectly then flashed up with this error message again.

So I took the printer back to Staples this morning and told the manager that I wanted to kick the damn thing with my New Rocks. Staples finally agreed to let me pay the difference and upgrade, isn't this a huge piece of printer LOL

I finished what was going to be Nic's jumper but it came out so small I decided it should go to Phoebe instead, Kerry doesn't mind that it's blue…I think it'll suit her personally.

So I'm making another 'Weasley' but with a 'D' on it for Nic.

See what happens when you leave yarn lying around? Tut