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Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I'd heard of podcasts before, but I never really bothered about them because I didn't really know anything about them. Then a couple of weeks ago, someone on Twitter (I think it was Natalie) mentioned The Archers.

The Archers is a radio soap drama and has been running forever on BBC radio 4, you can read about it here.

Well, I'm a bit forgetful and I don't have a radio anywhere near me (there's one in the kitchen which is the other end of the house from me) but I fancied the idea of 'getting into' The Archers, especially as we're still on a TV ban. After a bit of ferreting about on the net, I discovered that you could download the episodes as a podcast so that you could keep up to date.

So I started up iTunes and decided I'd learn about this podcasting thing.

Omigosh, why didn't I do this earlier?

Podcasts are fabulous! They're a sort of cross between an audio blog and a radio show and people podcast about whatever they want.

I'm currently listening to all the back episodes of Cast On which is (naturally) a knitting podcast and was apparently the first. It's hosted by a Canadian woman called Brenda Dayne who lives with her partner Tonya in Wales and she podcasts about all sorts of things. She has a segment called "Today's Sweater" and she'll tell you about a sweater that she made and whether it was successful or a complete failure. Her very first episode was about a Clapotis she had made, the dye ran all over her and when she washed it, the thing felted in the machine - it was hysterical! Especially when she played the voice message she left for Tonya screaming about it!

I've also listened to about a week's worth of The Archers, but I'm enjoying Cast On so much, I'm listening to that exclusively until I've caught up. Then I'll catch up on The Archers and once I've done that, I'll find another podcast lol.

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