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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Oh, but if you stay...

I just called Sky, they were lovely and polite until I refused to discuss staying with them. I told them I wanted to cancel and the guy says "Oh, we can give you a 25% discount for six months." So I asked what would happen after six months and he says "'ll go back up to what you're paying now!"

I asked him what the point was and he said "Well, it'll save you 25% per month." I explained that by cancelling, I'd save 100%...he didn't like that.

Then he tried to tell me that if I went into a shop and they offered me 25% off, I'd think that was a really good deal. I said "Not if I've been giving them approximately £65 per month for 11 years with nothing in return!"

He went awfully quiet for a minute and then told me that I wouldn't get TV any cheaper elsewhere, so I repeated that we barely watched it and it would be a WHOLE lot cheaper without it at all and I wasn't at all worried. He said "Well, this 25% off offer won't be valid after today." I was all blase and just said "Yes, I know." LOL

Funny, how their politeness drains away when you can out argue, in a cool, calm and collected manner, them!

I hope I don't find it too strange, I've had Sky TV for over 11 years now!

Sky TV will go off on July 22nd.

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