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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


After a bit of thought I changed my labels slightly, I added another ball of yarn with a crochet hook to the front and changed it to "Handmade" - Hand crafted just didn't look right to me.

I like how these have turned out and I can't wait to use them, they'll be printed onto card and attached to the garment with a bit of yarn.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

It grows…

Tut, Lidl decided to sell some wool this week, look what I came home with!

Then I added that to my stash and that's when I realised that I actually am acquiring quite a respectable stash…I'm quite proud of myself lol…don't tell Mel though, she'll shoot me!

I've decided that I love knitting for other people, but only on MY terms, I don't like people to expect knitted stuff simply because I've said I'll do it. I'm doing a jumper for Nic, but the body is too short, the arms are SERIOUSLY pissing me off and I want to set fire to the whole damn thing. Kerry, this is probably gonna fit Phoebe better than it will Nic…sorry!

I can't wait for all the Christmas knitting to be finished, I've had enough of it now. In fact, I'm sick of it all! I don't think it helps that I've wound my yarn and bought the beads for Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights. I just wanna start it!

If you look back at previous posts, you may think some of the photos are different. I rearranged my files on Photobucket which changed all the links, so I've had to reload the pics.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

My New Labels

A question that comes up on Ravelry regularly is having snazzy personalised labels. I didn't like any of the ones I saw online so I decided to create my own.

I've got no knitting done today, I'm one of those that once I start something, I become a bit obsessed about it until I'm happy about it.

Get a load of THESE!

On the front is my little Puddytat Purr with a ball of yarn and the words "Hand knit especially for you by Sam" and on the back will be a picture of the finished garment and washing instructions.

I've just realised that they say "Hand knitted" I think I'll change that though as I crochet too, should I go for "Hand made" or "Hand crafted"?

Whaddya think?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Josh’s Christmas Jumper

I've finished Josh's Christmas jumper , I would've finished on Sunday, but I was just starting the sleeves when I noticed a cable mistake on the back (thankfully, right at the top). So, I checked the front…there was a mistake on there too…right at the bottom SOB.

So I had to frog it all and re-knit, thankfully tis done now!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Isis the stroppy teenager

I knew it would happen as my kids got older, but I didn't expect it to happen as the dog grew up too!

Isis has become a stroppy teenager!

She turned 1 last Friday, but for the past couple of weeks, her behaviour and demeanour have changed. She's had the 'sod face'. ANYONE who has had teenage children knows exactly what I mean by 'sod face'…it's the face your teen gets just before they claim that life is so unfair and they hate you…know the face I mean?

As well as the 'sod face', she's taken to whining, ok, not so bad…normally. She whines all the time if she's not sleeping or on my lap or out walking. If I'm sat knitting or watching TV, she's got to be on my lap or she'll pace around the room and whine. She even woke me in the middle of the night last night by whining!

She's become picky with her food again, she didn't eat Friday's food until Sunday morning!

She seems perfectly healthy, is not in pain and sleeps quite happily when she is on my lap and is perfectly well behaved while out on a walk or in the car…she is behaving just like a brat! Therefore I'm assuming that it is a teenage thing and that there's nothing wrong with her….how long that'll remain the case remains to be seen, she won't reach 2 years old at this point LOL

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Farewell, Great Lady

Today is the day that the QE2 leaves Southampton forever.

I'm sat watching it on TV, I would've liked to go over to Southampton, but it would've been far too hectic and standing room only. There's a huge party going on over there to say goodbye, loads of people crying and cheering. It's a real shame that she's going. It's quite poetic that she's leaving on Remembrance Day too. One of my biggest memories was of the QE2 shipping troops out of Southampton during the Falklands!

Here are some photos that my mum took when she went on her QE2 cruise a few weeks ago.

Bon Voyage!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

What did you learn today?

I don't think there's much more I can learn in the way of techniques where knitting is concerned, especially not after today. I spent this evening teaching myself how to do Norwegian Purl with the help of this video.

It's still a bit slower at the moment, but it looks as neat as doing it the 'regular' way and I know I'll speed up with practise.

So, what did you learn today?


I've finished the Weasley Sweater for Herbie -– I hope it fits, but Kerry assures me that if it doesn't fit Herbie, then Josh will quite happily steal it LOL

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Beaumonde Scarf

I'm currently working on a Weasley Sweater, but just before I started it I finished the Beaumonde Scarf (designed by Marie) as a Christmas present for Ellie. Well, Ellie decided she couldn't even wait for it to be blocked, let alone wait until Christmas, so she's already got it LOL. She loves it, here's a pic of her and another of her and Jess both showing off their new scarves.


Oh, I LOVE Ravelry. I'm in so many groups and today I received TWO RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness). Look! The first is from EstieKnits

and the books are from hlf.

Happy me, yay!

Inconsiderate dog owners!

So, the beginning of this week was dreadful, migraines descended on Sunday - I woke up with one actually. By Tuesday I was in agony, outta my tree on painkillers and thoroughly sick of the whole thing. I was also suffering secondary pains in my shoulders, neck and back.

By teatime on Tuesday, I'd managed to get it under some degree of control -– it kinda felt like I'd stuck a cushion on top of it and then sat on it! After some argument with Mum, I decided I WAS going to the cinema with her, Matt & Kyle to see James Bond Quantum of Solace and promised that if it got bad, I would leave the theatre and go lie down in the car. But we also agreed that if all went well, we'd go to Tesco after and grab the weekly groceries!

I sat through the film with no problems, thoroughly enjoyed it and we decided we'd go and do the shopping.

We came home, unloaded and I went to park the car. I keep my car in a road opposite, we own a piece of land which acts like a driveway – it's just not attached to our house. We get to it via a footpath opposite my house which comes out directly opposite my car.

I was walking down the footpath back to the house with Mum and the boys, I'd linked arms with Matt – we were just passing a bollard in the middle of the path when my foot slid out from underneath me. I hadn't seen anything because the one and only lamp on that path was behind us at that point, but when we all moved we saw a HUGE pile of dog mess right between the hedge and bollard, so it was effectively in the middle of the right half of the path.

I ended up with dog crap all over my £150 New Rock boots, the return of my migraine and pulled muscles all down the right side of my body!

I bloody HATE people who don't clean up after their dogs – I have a back problem which causes me CONSTANT pain and yet I manage to pick up the mess that Isis makes and any mess that Kim makes if I'm out with whoever is walking him! So if I can do it, then why the hell can't everyone else!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Nails, Cinema

Had my nails done again today - don't they look fabulous!

Went to the cinema today to see Saw V, of course as soon as the film started I had the kids phoning to tell me that someone was misbehaving etc etc, drove me batty and I yelled at them all down the phone. Took me ages to calm down afterwards!

I just wish my kids would learn to co-exist for a few hours so I can watch a damn movie in peace!