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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

How does your garden grow?

I hate our garden, truly!

Our garden is a work in progress...ok, so I know that ALL gardens are considered a work in progress, but mine truly is. There used to be a huge shed in the middle of it which we knocked down (but we haven't got around to digging up the concrete floor yet), my mother has regular bonfires out there too.

The outside is starting to look ok, but the middle is a shit-tip!

But, I decided to try and be all inspired today and get some practice is with the camera and I wandered around my garden looking for things to photograph.

Here is the Russet Apple Tree and the 'working' part of the garden.

I found plants beginning to flower.

Roses in full flower.

Other flowers and plants growing well and in full bloom.


Ladybirds working away industriously.

But it was all too much for Doyle!

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  1. What lovely pictures, you're cat looks gorgeous.