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I have a shop on Folksy and in it I sell commercial hand dyed yarn and hand dyed fibre.  I plan to add hand dyed handspun yarn in the future.

Everything I sell is dyed in my own kitchen.  I share my home with my four teenage kids, a few cats and a Shih Tzu called Isis who is the bane of my existence apple of my eye!  You can read about my family here.  Neither children nor animals show the slightest interest in my yarns and fibres!

I am now offering an e-mail stock alert service - if you want to be notified everytime I update the shop, please send me an e-mail from the address you wish me to send the alert too.  I am also offering a SMS notification (UK only please) - you will be notified as soon as I finish updating the shop.  But be warned; I'm an insomniac and I tend to update the shop at all odd hours, so you may get a text at 3am!  If you wish to be added to the SMS list, please e-mail me with your mobile number.

I thought you'd like to see how your item will be packaged.

Firstly I wrap your skeins of yarn and/or fibre in tissue paper and I put a Fluffosity sticker on.

Then I place this little parcel into a ziplock bag along with a copy of your paypal receipt.

Then I seal it closed and place that inside a plastic envelope.

As you can see, your address and underneath you will see where the parcel has been sent from.

I seal it this way so that even if your parcel has been left on your doorstep in the rain - your products should be safe and dry inside their ziplock bags.