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Monday, 30 January 2012

Pairs 3 & 4 and a yarn bowl!

I just haven't been able to get on the computer to blog about pairs 3 and 4 and blogging from the iPad is useless - blogger really need to sort the interface out!

Wavy Socks
So! Pair 3 were a design I was asked to test knit for Miss Elle and she's called them Wavy Socks (I can't post a link as they're not availale yet!)

Pattern: Wavy Socks

Yarn: Fluffosity Wight Walker in Fuschia

Nice easy socks to make and the pattern is very well written!

I also finished pair 4, I chose to do the mystery sock being hosted on Sock Knitters Anonymous, but I wasn't majorly in love with the pattern.  So I chose a colour yarn I wasn't that in love with either.

Pattern: Blåthnat

Yarn: Knitting Goddess 4ply sock in Topaz

The pattern is well written, but it's supposed to be a flower and I just don't see a flower! Everyone else in the SKA group seems to love it though *shrug*

On Saturday, I went over to Portsmouth and met up with Debs & Bryon.  We went for lunch and then we drove to Lymington to Bea's house to meet with her, Bex and Donna.  Bryon got to go and play in the shed with Bea's husband, Clive, and we got to sit and knit/spin and gossip like us women are wont to do!

Yarn bowl
Bea's husband, Clive, likes to make things out of wood and he's a very talented chap.  I managed to steal away this gorgeous yarn bowl!

I also got him to drill a 5mm hole at the bottom of the bowl so that I can still easily work a pair of socks from each end of a centre pull ball like I normally do!

How cool is that?

If you want your very own yarn bowl - you can't have one! The best thing will be to message Clive on twitter, his account is here, or his wife Bea.  If you don't have twitter, leave a comment and I'll pass your request on for you!

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree with the SKA mystery sock pattern. I wanted to love it - and the cuff was gorgeous, but the rest, meh! I think my problem is that I do not like lace on every row. I like the look that having a plain row in between gives - well done you for contuning though.

    The thought of having socks that I didn't like the pattern, and using up my DIC Smooshy which has a fabulous yardage on socks that were very short, meant that my version is currentily languishing in the frog pond!