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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I feel like crap!

Yesterday Matt had another interview for college because the hairdressing course turned him down, he went for catering instead! While he was doing that, I took Jess shopping for school shoes and to hunt for a suit for Matt to wear to the upcoming prom.

Well, shops here seem to think that men don't come any smaller than a 38" chest!

Hello?!!?!?!?! Have you seen my kids? They're beanpoles!

I wondered around for a bit then my hips started protesting so we grabbed a sandwich and went back to the car park at the college to wait for Matt.

I dropped them at home then had to turn around and drive all the way back again to knit night.

Restaurant chairs are not my friend, especially not when I already hurt.

Joy told me that at the end of the night, I looked grey! I was in agony! I drove home and promptly took two of my whammy pills. My EDS was playing up and it RAELLY hurt!

By midnight, I was bouncing off the ceiling, out of my tree. I ended up going to sleep about 3am.

Then I had to get up this morning to go and get my nails done and hunt for the elusive suit a bit more! In the end we found one in M&S for under £40! I was quite surprised, I don't go in there because their prices have always been extortionate before, but they were very reasonable and had a good selection.

We were quite lucky, all the trousers started at a 32" waist; Matt is 28" and 4" extra is very baggy. We found a pair of school trousers that matched for less than £10!

Bargain day today!

But, it was too much and I shouldn't have done it. By the time I got home I ached even more and a migraine was threatening, so I took one whammy and spent the afternoon writhing in an armchair.

Then passed out for 3 hours early this evening.

You know what that means, don't you? I'm going to be up all bloody night now *sigh*


  1. Awww hugs. Pain like that is *not* nice. Just part of one of those things you did would have wiped me out. SO more gentle hugs coming over

  2. Sounds have my sincere sympathies. I can't imagine living with that kind of pain. I, too, send you gentle hugs! :)