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Monday, 24 May 2010

I felted a bucket and Fibreholics again!

A while ago, I decided to spin up all the samples I got from the Fibreholics and Phat Fiber boxes last year into one long single, then I spun up the fibre that I dyed months ago. I plied the dyed fibre with the single of samples until I got the yarn I mentioned in a previous post.

Then I got to knitting and I made a huge bag!

I threw it in the washing machine this morning and waited anxiously for it to finish spinning. This is what I pulled out!

It shrunk a lot more than I was expecting, but I've now got a wide bucket that will hold my fibre when I'm spinning!

See that bag? The plastic grey one in the laundry basket over there <--- huge, isn't it? It's stuffed full of samples for next months fibreholics boxes! I've enclosed sock yarn in the Sorbet colourway and fibre samples in a new colourway that I'll be calling Wysteria. It's very pretty and I'm very excited to be participating in the fibreholics fun as a dyer rather than a buyer! I also received an e-mail from the Ravelry PTB last week; they've approved my ad for the forums, so if you're on Rav, do keep an eye out for my banner across the bottom of the pages - thanks!


  1. Oh that bucket/bag is sooo cool! I'm thinking I need something like that, did you use a pattern or just wing it?

  2. Love your bag, pretty colors too!