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Sunday, 28 June 2009


OMG! How hard is that?!? I was sooooooo blasé a week ago; I thought it'd be easy! I suppose it's like trying to read without someone to teach you; it was so hard.

I actually got really upset and frustrated because no matter what I did, I COULDN'T DO IT!!!

I'd go on twitter and say, "why does the thing with the hooks on do that?", "is the bobbin (I knew that word!)supposed to do that?", "this thingy is doing that, is that right?"

Then I'd get this techno talk back about how the flyer (I now know that's the thing with hooks on) is supposed to do whatever it was doing and that there's too much twist and I need to adjust my tension, but no one would then tell me how LOL

It got to the point where I was beginning to think I was going to chuck it on the bonfire!

After a plaintive rant (with swearing, no less) on twitter, darling Joy came to my rescue! She dropped everything and came to my house EVEN THOUGH we're meeting tomorrow night at the restaurant that our knit nights are held.

Then she patiently stood and waited while my son gave a witness statement to the police (he witnessed a bloke hitting a woman) before sitting me down and taking me through it all!

And look at what I did!!!

Joy, I love you to bits!

I also want to thank wyndwitch and Knitcave1 (and everyone else on twitter) for putting up with me lol


  1. way to go you! i have been secretly sat chuickling at your rants (only because i know if i tried it would have been firewood LONG ago lol) I am so pleased you have mastered it. Thank goodness for Joy eh lol.

  2. Well done, I knew you'd crack it in the end!