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Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Day in London

As you can see from my Bittersweet post, yesterday was my birthday.

As a birthday present, my mum took me to London to see The War of The Worlds musical at The o2 arena.

We got up early and caught the 9am ferry to Portsmouth, we drove to London. I missed the turning for teh M25 and ended up having to go through London!

What should've been a 2 and a half hour drive ended up being 4 hours!

We had also booked shows at the Planetarium, so we caught a bus to the observatory.

Here are some pics of the observatory, the view from the observatory and the o2 arena.

Here are some other pictures of the GMT stuff, the telescope enclosure and a REALLY old meteorite.

We had lunch there then we saw a couple of shows down in the planetarium. One was about the night sky and we were shown all the constellations and then we saw one about the life of stars. It was all very interesting and I'd love to go and spend the day nosing around there. I think the kids might enjoy it too!

Then we headed back to the arena to see The War of the Worlds.

It was great! I'd never listened to the album all the way through before and I really enjoyed this. They had done a CGI representation of Richard Burton and shown it as a hologram on a film screen. The whole performance was an almagamation of cinema screen and live performance, but what they showed in the middle was fabulous!

It's a fighting machine and it blew smoke and sparks over the audience in front of the stage!

It was a very long day though and we didn't get home until 2am this morning, I'm shattered.

I wonder if I'll get around to spinning today; can you believe I haven't actually managed to spin on it yet?!?!

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