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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bath Day

Today was bath day for Isis, she was sorely in need of it, she was absolutely FILTHY! But doesn't she look gorgeous now she's clean?

Another baby item finished!

Finished making a romper suit for Phoebe (Kerry's baby) today:

It's been done in pale pink 4 ply and I got the pattern from Lois Daykin's Baby Knits, can't wait to see Phoebe in it!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

GCSE Woodwork

School finishes for the summer this week and both Kyle and Matt have bought home stuff they've made during woodwork classes.

This is Kyle's which he made for his nan:

And this is a cupboard Matt made
and a table with the Charmed symbol (which he made for me):

I think they're fab and I've been using the little table today for my new knitting journal - I got the idea for it from here. I've used a Lever Arch file and printed up all the templates, it's all sectioned neatly and looks great. But I want to decorate the outside as it's just plain black, so I might make some sort of decoupage of my finished projects to cover it.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Jess prom

My daughter, Jess, went to her prom on Tuesday evening. She decided ages ago that she was going to go goth instead of wearing a fancy prom dress. I personally think she looked great!

Finished dress & bonnet set

I've finished a gorgeous dress and bonnet set for Kerry's baby
- I'm very pleased with it, I knit it in Lemon Sirdar Snuggly Pearls DK and some wool Jess got from The Art Of Knitting. The rose colour is slightly thicker than the lemon, so it actually stands out slightly. There's a helmet to make too, so I made the bonnet in the smaller size and I'm going to make the helmet in the larger size for the winter.

This baby is going to be more spoiled than my kids were lol

Monday, 14 July 2008

A few finished projects for Kerry's baby

I've finished a few bits for Kerry, I haven't been able to post them before now because of the problems I've had with blogger.

Here's the pram blanket:
It took me a while to make it, frankly because I found the pattern boring lol and I stopped for a while to make these:

This is my favourite design for a matinee jacket because it's so easy to make and very quick too, it suits boys and girls.

I'm also making another jacket, I'll post pic when it's done

Isis update

Isis is much better now, she's showing much more interest in the world around her, she's eating and drinking and going to the toilet - we started off with small walks around the block and yesterday I took her up on the downs with Kim, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

I spoke to the vet on Thursday, he was very pleased that she's doing so well and has decided to stop her antibiotics.

After a £700 bill - I'm definitely going to invest in some insurance!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

OMG, how frustrating has the past week been? I haven't been able to sign into blogger at all - it just wouldn't load! After much research and hunting, I discovered on a google forum that a few other people were having the same problem and that it might be something to do with our ISP address.

So me thinking that I'm a clever dick, decided to try and change mine.

I ended up having to reboot my laptop and reset my router, but it worked! Why the hell didn't I think of resetting my router before now?

Right, I've got some projects to upload, so read the next post!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Isis @ the vets, knitting

Took Isis back to the vet today for another check up - her temperature was normal, thank god. She's eating more now and is definitely happier about things.

I'm going to spend tomorrow looking around for pet insurance because I think I've spent about £600 at the vets over the past fortnight!

We held our first Island Knit and natter last night, there were 10 of us in total and it was great! We met upstairs in Joe's and we must've looked like a bunch of right weirdo's all knitting and gassing away! I thoroughly enjoyed it (apart from the hard chairs they have in there!) and can't wait til the next one!

I've almost finished a crochet blanket I'm making for Kerry's baby, she now has (nearly) two blankets and two matinee jackets, I also have a dress in progress for her. As soon as I've finished the crochet blanket, I'll make a start on a matinee jacket and bonnet set I have a pattern and wool for.

My purple pattern folder - PPF - is about to gain weight, I've just been reading this thread and I sooooooooo want to do it, Jess has already informed me that she'd love another blanket, but I'd like to do it for Mum - maybe as a Christmas present, trouble is, I've got so much more queued lol!

I hate knitting/crocheting without doing something else, staring at needles without glancing away gives me a headache, ideally I either knit when I've got company or when there's something to watch on TV, unfortunately, I just don't have anything to watch right now - that's not good!

I have to apologise to Kerry - she shouted at me for posting that pic of her in my opening post and demanded to know why I don't have better pic of her lol

Monday, 7 July 2008


Here are my tattoos.


It's erm........4.15am - I'm awake, still............again! This is a common occurrence which seems to be becoming more and more frequent lately, wonder if it's the medication I'm on, I shall ask when I see the doc later.

I decided to put all my photo's onto memory stick, trouble is they're all on snapfish and it takes ages to save each individual photo back onto my pc - they don't seem to have a facility for mass download, but they do have a mass upload. Bit inconvenient!

My poor puppy has been ill lately, her name is Isis and she's a Shih Tzu, she's nearly 8 months old and about a week ago, she stopped eating. I took her to the vet and they said her temperature was up, they gave her a shot and told me to take her back on Friday, which I did.

Temperature was normal, so they sent me home.

On Saturday Mel was here, she was forcing me to do housework (tut!) and I knew Isis wasn't right as she still hadn't eaten. But then she ate half a can of food and I was starting to feel a lot better about the whole thing, even though she wasn't herself.

Anyway, Mel and I were having a tea break from the cleaning, when Isis suddenly woke up from her sleep and started screaming, she came running over to me and it was obvious that she was in pain. I picked her up and tried to reassure her, then I took her out to the garden, thinking she may be constipated as it's a problem she has had in the past.

She would only walk a few steps, then stop and sit, her back was slightly hunched. I picked her up and took her back inside. I put her on my bed while I phoned the vet and she started throwing up. The vet, Nicola, and I decided I should take her in for an emergency appt.

Her temperature was 105.5, apparently it's supposed to be around the 100 mark. Nicola decided to keep Isis in, I was devastated! Isis hasn't spent a night away from me since I got her!

She spent the weekend doing tests on Isis, I had to nag for information, which I wasn't too happy about, but Nicola was very honest with me and told me she was baffled. She didn't know why Isis wasn't eating or why her temperature kept going up and down.

On Monday morning, she told me Isis seemed happier in herself and that I could go and collect her because she would be more relaxed at home and probably eat something...well, when I got there I was furious. Isis barely moved, I went a bit ballistic and ended up shouting at Richard, the head vet, who took it all very well.

We agreed that I would take her home while they awaited blood test results and I would take her back in to see him on Tuesday.

I basically spent the next week going backwards and forwards to the vets, her temperature stayed up and she didn't eat. Her x-rays are clear, as is the ultrasound, so Richard took some blood and sent it off to the Royal Veterinary College last week to see if they could find anything wrong with her, even though we think she has had some sort of intestinal virus.

Then on Friday evening, Alex managed to get her to eat 10 treats! Richard and I were very pleased and decided to see how she went over the weekend, she's eating a little more each day, which I'm eternally grateful - holding your beloved dog and being able to feel her spine is horrible!

Today she ate some puppy food, some biscuits and a lot of treats and we went for a little walk up on the cliff!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

About Me!

Ummmm, I can never think of anything when I decide to start a diary, or blog in this case.

But I decided I really should post about me, I tend to ramble, so feel free to daydream!

I've just turned.......ummmmmmmmmmmmm......*whispers* 33. I'm a single mum to Kyle (16), Matt (15), Jess (13) & Alex (12). My kids are great, altho they are hard work. Kyle & Alex both suffer from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and tempers fly at the drop of a hat! Matt is 15 and a teenager - nuff said! Jess is 13 and hormonal - again, nuff said lol.

I suffer from Chronic Pain Syndrom (CPS), Ehlers Danlo
s Syndrome, migraines and insomnia! During those insomniac hours (which seem to be increasing at a rapid rate recently) I like to watch crappy television series and knit or crochet.

I'm also an avid reader and I recently splurged and bought myself a cybook gen 3 which you can see at - what a fabulous idea!

I own a Shih Tzu called Isis who is nearly 8 months old and several cats, not sure how many as they come and go as they please lol.

I am godmother to Mason who was born last year and he's adorable, altho he's at that annoying stage where he can now move and he touches everything, he's driving his mum, Mel, to distraction!

My mum is my best friend, she lives next door to me. She helps me out a lot with anything physical that I can't do, altho I try not to rely on her too much because she's getting on now and I feel so guilty!

My father died of cancer last year on my 32nd birthday, what a shit day that was! That's pretty much all I want to say about that, it's still too raw really.

My friends: Mel (my godson's mother) - I've known her since I was 8 and she is my oldest friend and probably knows everything about me - well more than she'd like to anyway lol.

Ally - AKA The Mad Scottish Woman. She lives in Scotland which is the opposite end of the country from me, which is probably why our friendship has lasted as long as it has!!! I met Ally through an AOL chatroom, we speak frequently on the phone and we finally met in person last year. I'm going up again this year to visit her for her birthday. I can't wait to see her. Ally is a medical screw up, like myself and we spend a lot of time commiserating with each other. Ally is probably the only person in the world who understands what I mean when I phone her at stupid hours and cry "it hurts" to! She has frequently told me that I know her better than anyone, which makes me feel very honoured. The nickname was given to her by my kids who will meet her for the first time this year.

Kerry - Kerry used to live just up the road from me with her 3 children, Herbie, Josh &
Dominic. We were the first ppl to invite Herbie round for a play date when they first moved here. Kerry moved to :location removed at Kerry's request: last June, but came back less than a month later to attend my father's funeral - which I'm eternally grateful! Kerry is pregnant with her daughter who she plans to name Phoebe and for whom I am knitting loads of blankets and clothes. I shall visit Kerry in August just after she's had the baby, I'll stay with her for two nights then I'm going on up to Scotland to visit Ally.

I'll write some more and post some photos later :-)