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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I seem to be waiting a lot at the moment.

Jess has a stomach bug and spent over four hours vomiting every 20-30 minutes last night. I got a total of 4 hours sleep before I had to get up and go to a nail appointment.

I called Parcel Force Solent this morning to be told that my Majacraft Rose would be going direct to the Isle of Wight depot. As the internet had been telling me my wheel was en route to the delivery depot, I assumed it would arrive today (it has been en route since Christmas Eve).

I went to the local depot today, they don't have it and according to them, it was last tracked in Coventry!

This is what the tracking system says:

28-12-2009 18:00 National Hub Sorted in hub
24-12-2009 11:47 International Hub En route to delivery depot
24-12-2009 11:00 International Hub RELEASED WITH CHARGES
18-12-2009 08:35 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING
18-12-2009 08:35 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGES
18-12-2009 08:27 International Hub Arrived in destination country
16-12-2009 09:45 Delivery Agent - AUCKLAND - PTT Left origin country
15-12-2009 14:35 Delivery Agent - NEW ZEALAND Collected from customer

See the second line down? 'En route to delivery depot' but now it's at the National Hub!

To say I'm confused would be an understatement, especially as it hasn't moved in nearly 24 hours.

Oh, this is an Express 24 parcel too!

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