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Monday, 7 December 2009


This weekend was the weekend I met up with Sarah to hand over the Kromski Sonata. No, I don't have my Rose yet, nor did I pick one up this weekend. But, just because I'm having to wait for my wheel shouldn't mean that Sarah does too!

I met her in Cheltenham, gave her the wheel, we wandered around Pets At Home (I bought Isis some food and a new toy) and then we had a quick cuppa in Sainsbury's.

Then I drove to Bath to visit with Helen and Iain. I stayed there overnight and Helen and I talked about loads of stuff!

I called Hedgehog while I was there for an update, they sounded very annoyed as apparently they've had a stock parcel go missing on it's way to them and they still don't know when they can expect more stock in! I've been waiting over 4 weeks now.

Helen and I have agreed to start a new project in the new year. We are going to make Sleeves In Your Pi. This is a Pi shawl with sleeves worked in.

But we're adding a little extra, we're going to spin the yarn for it first, then knit it.

We will start spinning on New Years Day and we're aiming to be finished by Woolfest which is June 25th!

You're more than welcome to join us. I will be posting regular updates here and Helen will on her blog and we also have a thread going on Ravelry's UK Spinners board.

I stayed overnight at Helen's and came home today.

I walked in and immediately blitzed the kitchen! It looks loads better and I'm very pleased with it.

Matt and I walked the dogs together this evening and we got chatting about his catering & hospitality course at college. We've decided that we're going to upgrade a lot of the stuff in the kitchen. I'm going to look into buying an oven with a couple of extra burners and an extra oven and we'll also look into new crockery and other stuff!

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