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Saturday, 12 December 2009


It's the time of year that gets everyone talking about TRADITION! Do you have any Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear them.

We have a few. 12th December is tree day. 12th December was my fathers birthday - he would've turned 59 today and ever since 2007; his birthday has become tree day.

Here is our tree.

Gaudy innit? There's my Christmas Star on top and already presents underneath! I love it, but I'll be heartily sick of by Christmas Day LOL.

Other traditions include:
  • Presents - these are opened once we're all up and Mum is here
  • Baking of cakes - this is my job and I usually spend most of Christmas Eve in the kitchen making cakes and swallowing pills to cope with the back pain!
  • a cooked breakfast on Christmas morning which my mum always cooks! Bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, bread, tea, hash browns, the list is endless and we drive my mum potty by drooling on her as she cooks!
  • The drink starts flowing pretty much straight away, so Christmas dinner is prepared on Christmas Eve, all I have to do is try and turn the cooker on at the right time (alarms on mobile phones are the greatest thing evah!)
  • I'm in charge of dinner as my mother usually works Christmas Eve and Christmas night (she works 10pm to 8am) so she sleeps for the afternoon.
  • Noel's Christmas Presents! Everyone in the UK knows what that is for my International friends; Noel's Christmas Presents is a programme that is on Christmas Day and hosted by this man. It's one of those shows where someone surprises random people, for eg a woman hasn't seen her brother for 30 years because he moved to Australia when they were 18 and he'll be sitting behind her in the audience or something. I always bawl my eyes out watching it (last year I had the flu and there was snot everywhere - I got through an entire toilet roll watching it!)
  • Dr Who! Nuff said!
  • Lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of fun!
What do you do for Christmas?

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