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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end...

Today is the last day of 2009.

It was also the last day of life for a cat that was killed on the road outside my house this afternoon.

He was a beautiful silver tabby with a wobbly saggy belly and a gorgeous choochy face. He wasn't a young cat, but he had a lovely coat and was obviously loved.

He didn't die immediately. He made it to his feet and ran into my neighbours front garden where he collapsed. He was still alive...for a while. He died in my arms wrapped in an old towel while I told him it was ok.

The driver didn't even stop.

After some argument with the Highways Division and the RSPCA (they both said they couldn't collect him because he was on "private property" - they basically told us to dump him in the road and THEN they would collect him!), then a quick phone call to Pets At Rest an arrangement was made to come and collect him. They will scan him for a microchip and inform the owner if they find one.


  1. The RSPCA aren't all what people think they are . I know from past experience . U x

  2. Ahh poor little baby. At least he had someone to hold him and love him at the end.

    We have four cats, and it would be a comfort to be to know that someone was loving my cat at their end.

    Hope you find the cats home.