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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It hit the fan - again

You may remember my son, Kyle, having a break down in August.

Since then, he has been thrown out of college because they can't assure the safety of other students and the staff.

On Monday we saw a psychiatrist for an assessment. It all seemed to go well, although it was obviously upsetting for Kyle to discuss losing his temper and people being hurt as a result of his actions.

After we left, Kyle saw his friend Sophie and went off with her.

Everything seemed fine, so I went off to knit night as usual.

I didn't even make it to the pub! I got a phone call 15 minutes after I'd left; Kyle had flipped out and yelled in Alex's face. Matt intervened in an effort to stave off a fight and Kyle attacked him.

He caught Matt in a headlock and during the struggle; Matt was thrown against the doorframe. He banged his head and blanked out for a second or two.

He was shaken by the time I made it home (Kyle was nowhere to be seen), but appeared fine. I considered calling the hospital but decided it was unnecessary after Matt consumed half the kitchen without vomiting!

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