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Saturday, 25 April 2009

The rest of this week!

What a week, it started off last weekend dreadfully. I was putting the rubbish out for collection on Sunday evening, everything felt fine until I sat down to work on Joy's shawl a bit more. Then my shoulder really started to hurt.

I dropped pins and tried to relax, but shoulder was having none of it ~ I had a muscle in spasm about halfway down the inside edge of my right shoulder blade.

I spent the night crying and wriggling around on my floor/bed.

I had a nap on Monday afternoon with Isis and a hot water bottle ~ I'd taken loads of meds and those combined with no sleep and the warmth of the hot water bottle and Isis cuddles made me snooze for an hour or so.

I went to knit night that night and asked Joy to have a look at it as I know she used to be a masseuse. She beat the sh*t out of my shoulder! Really pummelled it and it bloody hurt! But I knew it would and she stopped when I'd had enough. But it did the trick and I was able to use it a bit more ~ I dread to think how bad the London trip would've been the next day if she hadn't looked at it!

On Wednesday, I took Isis to have her summer hair cut, she looks absolutely adorable. We can see her face again and she's a lot happier now she's lighter LOL.

It's with huge regret I'm informing you that I WON'T be knitting the Mrs R shawl. Well, not for February and not for Mrs R as the wedding won't be taking place. I'll probably knit it at some point in the future, but it won't be for previously stated reasons.

I've had a week of snooker, the world championships is on at the moment, it's been quite exciting. Ronnie O'Sullivan won't be in any of the final matches as he went out today thanks to Mark Allen.

WWE Wrestlemania was absolutely fabulous a couple of weeks ago and WWE Backlash is this weekend ~ I'm getting too old for all these all night TV sessions ROFL.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can't think of anything else at the moment although I probably will as soon as I hit publish lol

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