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Saturday, 25 April 2009


I knew I'd remember something else!

Last Saturday Matt and Arnie were bouncing about on the trampoline. Apparently they weren't doing any stunts or anything they shouldn't have been doing, just bouncing up and down and Matt landed awkwardly. He felt loads of pain in his ankle; it made him quite nauseous so he got Arnie to help him up the stairs to the loo in case he was sick.

After a bit, Arnie came down to tell me that Matt was ill.

I went up the stairs to find Matt, white as a sheet, extremely faint and sweating buckets. Now, I knew he was near to being sick because that's exactly how I am just before…………….well, you get the idea!

I sent Arnie down to dampen a towel with cold water, Alex to get a glass of water and Kyle to inform Mum that I'd probably be making a trip to A&E so she'd have to catch the bus to work.

I got him cooled down and when there was colour back in his cheeks I asked if I could look. He swivelled round and extended his foot towards me. He still had his sock on and it looked like someone had shoved a tennis ball down the outside of his ankle. I managed to ease the sock off and this is what I saw!

I got Arnie to carry Matt down the stairs (Arnie is 6ft 7ins and weighs about 250lbs and Matt is a 5ft 3ins twig) and we bundled him in the car and headed for hospital.

Can you believe that it's not broken? Apparently he's just sprained it!

Here is a gallery of how his ankle has gone through the week, above is the photo I took in the A&E waiting room on the 18th April. Below from left to right photos taken on 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of April.

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