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Thursday, 30 April 2009

How to keep your biscuits fresh

So, here we have a packet of biscuits.

Coconut rings to be precise.

Our dilemma is how to keep them fresh without paying out for a storage box when you haven't taken out enough biscuits to twizzle the top like this.

So, use that little red strip thing to open the top and consume some biscuits, you should now have this.

Turn the top bit upside down and reinsert it back into the packet, like this.

It's personal preference whether you just stick it in the top of push it right down to the biscuits, personally I push it right down to the biscuits.

Of course, you could just forget about that bit and eat all the biscuits, no biscuits = no dilemma!


  1. I may have to use this trick for Ritz crackers! We always seem to have this problem. I wish our "biscuits" (we call them cookies) came in tubes like that. We go through so much packaging its insane. Love the tip... especially the part about eating them all to save on having to figure out storage hehehe

  2. Stashsiren here from Ravelry! This is exactly how I do it, Sam - but I carefully slit between the first couple of biccies and take the top off, because otherwise with some of them I would have to eat a good few to get it below tear strip level to fit the top in (fatal with chocolate digeys - that would amount to a big scoff fest in one go)!