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Friday, 3 April 2009

I been a busy girl!

Last night, I sat and wrote myself a list of tasks to do today because Mel said she couldn't come round and clean.

Oh wait, did I tell you about Mel cleaning for me?

Ok, quick review then - Mel is my best friend and the mother of my godson, Mason. I've known her since we were 8 years old. We've been through marriage, divorce, pregnancies and all the usual crap life throws at you together.

A few months ago I was moaning to her that it felt wrong for my mum, who is about to turn 67, to clean my house because I couldn't do it. Mel joked that I could hire her to be my cleaner (it's what she used to do for a living). I took her seriously and asked how much she'd charge. Eventually we agreed on a price and a method to get my house sorted (I drive her batty because I'm not at all organised and she's a clean freak {she's gonna flip when she reads this LOL, love you Mel *grin*} and she couldn't wait to sort my house out!) and she started on my home.

She comes every week and cleans for a few hours while I trail along anxiously getting in the way making sure she doesn't throw any of my unused-crap that-I-might-want-one-day away (because that's what my mum would do). The arrangement works well for both of us, I get to brag that I have a cleaner, we get to spend a few hours a week together and she gets a break from Mason for a few hours.

So this week Mel has been absolutely rushed off her feet with one thing or another and can't come today to clean. So I wrote myself a chore list

  • Do the laundry
  • Put in new light switch in the Smallest Room
  • Order 12mm KnitPro needles so I can make Jess a Very Cropped Hoodie
  • Phone about returning an item that's developed a fault
  • Phone my handyman about putting new window in bathroom and then tiling the bathroom
  • Give Mum her suitcase back
  • Tidy the hall cupboard
  • Tidy the kitchen
  • Vacuum
  • Wash the floor with my new steam cleaner

So there you go, not major tasks that'll cause me pain (except for vacuuming), but enough to keep me busy and give me a sense of accomplishment when I've finished!

In the past two hours I have done all of the except for the last three. I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish so that I've got somewhere to put all the dirty crockery so that I can clean out there properly lol

Edit to add: I tidied the kitchen, vacuumed everywhere, washed the porch & kitchen floor and now I'm in agony, so I'm stopping. Might do the hall & lounge tonight if I've sufficiently recovered!

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