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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oh, I forgot to share this with you yesterday!

There was a bit of discussion on Ravelry in the Knitting Goddesses group about 'signing' your knitting. This is doing something to it that marks it as unique and shows it was made by you.

Now, I always attach my little labels to items that are intended for someone else, but I also wanted to do something else so I decided to add a bead.

Just one bead, that's all.

I spent ages looking on ebay at beads, I thought of cats, catseyes, stars, all sorts, but they were all too big –- especially as all I seem to be making lately is lace and socks!

Then I found my beads that were left over from MD/AN! – I've got two and a half packets of beads! Another plus: they're purple! If you know ANYTHING about me, it's that purple is my favourite colour!

So here is a bead in the shawl (took me ages to find the damn thing!) and on the cast on edge of my new socks!

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