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Monday, 11 May 2009

Giving up

We've had a family discussion today and we've decided we're going to have a trial run without the TV.

Just about everything we watch can be bought on DVD except for WWE and TNA wrestling – but there are ways around that. If we can't find the episodes online then I could always get my mother to tape it for us each week.

If this experiment is successful, then I'm going to cancel our Sky (satellite/cable) subscription – this will save me about £60 per month! I wonder if owning a TV, but only watching DVD's mean I'll still have to pay the TV Licence fees...

I rarely watch TV myself, I only watch the odd serial, Medium, Bones, Heroes, Lost, 24, Dr Who, Torchwood (which are all seasonal programmes) and the wrestling (year round) and all of those can be bought on DVD.

I prefer to listen to audio books while I'm doing my knitting.

The kids – except for Kyle – are all agreeable to the idea. Kyle is flipping a little bit about the change, but I'm sure he'll adjust. He's recently discovered youtube and all the videos available there. It helps that his new laptop arrives tomorrow!

We'll keep you posted!


  1. If Kyle finds it too hard, you could always consider just keeping the Sky box, but using it as a freeview/freesat connector, both being free

    We've not missed our subscription, anything we watch is now either downloaded, or recorded off freesat

  2. I just had my cable tv turned off today :) its to expensive and i don't watch it. We will be saving over a hundred dollers a month alone! paying to watch tv just doesn't make since to me. The little one really didn't mind that much today when she came home and it was off, lol.. go figure. I thought she would have a melt down or something..