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Friday, 27 February 2009

Which is better?

Kristen moderates a group on Ravelry that I belong to and she came up with an idea for us each to blog every single day. Sometimes I find it quite hard to think of a subject, then other days there's LOADS I want to say.

But which is better? Stick it all in one great long post, or do a post per subject? Personally I favour the post per subject idea; it would look tidier and be easier to find something later on.


If you look back, you'll see that that is how I've done it previously. Today, I'm going to go for an all in one post!

This blog every day thing got me thinking - I love my new phone and I think the messenger is great so I put an idea out on the two BlackBerry groups I belong to on Rav but with messenger. The idea is to message someone whose pin you've got but you haven't yet chatted with and have a conversation with them. I have a loathing of contact lists full of people that I don't speak too. It comes from when I was a chatroom addict and everyone who used the same chatroom was on my contact list. I never talked to any of them.

Now I rarely, if ever, sign into AOL and I can't remember what I found so appealing about them…

I've had a very nice conversation with a woman called Pam from California which stretched over most of the evening LOL.

I'm still recovering from our trip to London - blimey, I ache! Every time I get into the car, my hips and lower back protest. I seem to be doing something every day at the moment and all I want to do is curl up in a chair and knit although I know that movement is good and stops me stiffening up too much. Doesn't mean I have to like it though!

Speaking of knitting, MD/AN is coming along nicely. I'm a sixth of a way through the second half which doesn't sound much, but that's about 100 rows in and it grows quite fast. Someone off Ravelry sent me a bag to carry my WIP (Work In Progress) around in which means I can carry the lace safely in a bag with a load of other junk and not worry about it getting tangled and/or ruined!

I made a chocolate cake today and we had Chinese takeaway for dinner as today is Jessica's 14th birthday. I gave her a black sequined top, a new mp3 player and Mum gave her £50 as well as the trip to London.

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  1. I have been through 2 blackberries, having each for no more than 4 months. That has nothing to do with the phone itself, and everything to do with my kids (and sources of water, but I digress). I'm right there with you about not having a hundred people on the contact list you don't ever talk to.