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Thursday, 19 February 2009

I’m not poor!

Why do people assume that when I say I sleep on the lounge floor that we must be poor and can't afford to have a house with enough rooms so that I can have my own bedroom with a bed in it?

I live in a five bedroom house! I knocked a wall down between my dining room and kitchen so that I'd have a huge kitchen. I turned the smallest bedroom into a room for all the games consoles to live in. the three boys use the remaining upstairs bedrooms. My daughter sleeps in what used to be my room (all my clothes, my desk and other 'stuff' still live in there). I sleep on the floor in the lounge. why? Because I discovered after camping in Scotland last year that sleeping on the floor is really comfortable! I sleep much better as a result (usually), my back isn't as stiff.

The only drawback is that my kids are getting older and sometimes (due to too much insomnia and sleep finally reasserting itself or medication) I need to go to sleep before some of them do. Well, I just put down my bed (a duvet to sleep on with a pillow and blankets to cover me), Isis and I crawl into my bed and we go to sleep! When the kids have finished watching the TV or using the laptop, they turn everything off and go to bed without disturbing me.

So, I'm not too poor to afford a house big enough, I choose to sleep down there. Yes I'm perfectly comfortable thank you and no, it isn't cold down there, my wooden floor reflects the heat back to me.

1 comment:

  1. I can understand it being more comfortable for you to sleep on the floor. I used to love to sleep on a futon. However, I havent done it since I was much younger and dont know if I would still feel that way today. : )