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Saturday, 10 December 2011


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been introducing Albert to Star & Frank.

It's very nerve wracking, because the younger two look so small next to him and the thought 'WTF do I do if he strikes one of them?' constantly runs through your head!

Star exploring her new home
Well, it all went very well. They waggled tongues at each other, then pretty much ignored each other.

We put them together daily (trying to hold 3 snakes at once is hard!) for a couple of weeks, then this week we took the plunge and put them all in together.

Frank climbing the glass
Well, Albert spent the day looking mildly affronted that these two young whippersnappers had moved in with him and sulked in a tube because Frank stole the hide within the first half an hour, then he pretty much gave in and accepted they were there!

Star & Frank spent most of the first day exploring their new home and seemed delighted that they had that much space!

I spent most of the first two hours anxiously watching as I'd put them in on a Thursday and Thursdays are feeding days for the snakes.  I figured that if Albert was going to eat the interlopers; it'd be on a Thursday.

Eventually, I left them all to it.

When I went to get them all out 12 hours later for food, I was extremely happy to find that I still had 3 snakes!  They all had their dinner then immediately went back in the viv together.

As of this morning; all 3 are crowded into the hide together!

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