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Monday, 5 December 2011

Photos from the tennis!

So, I promised you lots of pictures from our trip to the Royal Albert Hall and here they are!

Blogger appears to have messed around with how things work since I last used it on a computer, so I hope this all shows up ok!

If you wish to look at the entire album of pictures (taken by Claire, Steve and myself) you can view them here

Andrew Castle practising
The scrummy Pat Cash
The funny Henri Leconte
Oh my......!
Congratulating each other
Claire & I knitting

Mansour Bahrami & Tomas Enqvist
Andrew Castle &  Virginia Wade
Live on air!
Richard Kracijek
John McEnroe!
Tim Henman & Alan Mills
Mark Phillipoussis
Jeremy Bates
Bates & Henman
Nan had hot water bottle!

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