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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bit of a rambly post for you...

OK....sad news first.

Last week we had Kim put to sleep. He was getting very old, he was chronically arthritic and obviously uncomfortable. It seemed the best bet all round. I took him to the vet on the 14th and cuddled him as the anaesthetic was administered.

It was very quick and he was gone before all the medicine had been injected which tells me he was ready to go.

Unfortunately, he has not been the only loss. I got a frantic call two days ago from Mel asking me to take Auntie Ruth to the vet; Walter's mother, Midnight, had given birth and unfortunately suffered a prolapsed womb in the process.

By the time she had been found she was in shock, freezing cold and barely alive. There was blood everywhere and the baby chinchilla was dead - we don't know if it had been born dead or whether she just didn't bother with it in her pain. The fact that she allowed us to pick her up and wrap her in a towel and stroke on her way to the vets was all we needed to make the decision.

A very sad week really :(

So....complete subject change!

Look at all those presents!
How do you like my Christmas tree? It was put up on Dad's birthday which we now refer to as 'tree day' and there are lots of presents underneath it - some of them are even for me!! How exciting!

Bah Humbug!
As you can see; Vicky is very excited....Alex, not so much lol

We have lots of yummy food planned for Christmas Day and we're going to sit and watch a filming of Phantom of The Opera after breakfast on Christmas morning.

I've just passed the 5 month mark with my dreadlocks and wow it's all happening there! I started wearing a scarf when I went out as they were really quite messy and annoying, the scarf worked well although I think I looked like someone having chemo!

That's a wrap!

My hair was stiff and didn't move much - in fact it hurt to try and change the way the hair lay on my scalp.

What a mess!

Then I got up one morning and all of a sudden I had this hair that was nice tight locs with blunted tips, the hair moves when I shake my head and it just looks so awesome!

Unfortunately, the purple had totally faded so I bought some L'Oreal dye called Black Cherry (which I've used before) and went over the lot. I love how it looks and feels and even though I bought new scarves to wrap around my locs today; I don't think I'll be wearing them much!

When I started typing this post, I did think it was likely this would probably be my last post of 2011, but I've just remembered that I've got to show you all the A-Z socks I have knit this year - I just have to finish the Z socks and then you can see them all together! It'll be about another day or two, so keep your eyes peeled!

1 comment:

  1. Love the Black Cherry on you. Have the same to put on mine but waiting for dermatitis to die down a bit. Your dreads look super in the cherry and so much "neater" now. They look right if you get what I mean.
    Hugs luv and a Happy Christmas. Cxx