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Friday, 23 December 2011

Oh my god! I finished!

I have actually completed the A-Z challenge!

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A - Z socks
There were a few moments where I wasn't actually sure if I would; I got a little bit behind when we went to Italy - especially as one of the pairs was so badly written, I must've undone and reknit it several times.

But, it's done!

So, for the next week - until January 1st - there will be no socks on the needles! I am going to pay some attention to poor abandoned Sherry The Cherry and work on a lace cardigan I started earlier this year. If I had any sense, I wouldn't start another sock challenge in the new year, but work on the two blankets I have in progress (especially the sock one - I have LOADS of wool for that now!) but I can't help it! I WILL be casting socks on in the new year!

The socks along the bottom are extra socks that I've made this year (not including the pair I made for Claire as they've been sent) so in total I've made 32 pairs of socks this year!

I'll do a post in the morning showing all of the socks

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