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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My name is Sam and I'm a Sockaholic!

As you can see, the blog has had a makeover - well, you can if you come here, but if you read through an RSS reader; you won't notice a change LOL.

There is now a second bar down the side - I did want two bars together, but I couldn't figure out how to do that! So, the bar on the left is all the stuff you're used to seeing and the bar on the right is all my finished objects and the reason for my Sockaholic claim.

That is my sock queue. All the socks I have seen and want to make. There are quite a few, aren't there.

277 pairs of socks, I think. My eyes kinda glazed over while counting, so I may be off by a pair or two.

I've worked it out. It takes me on average, a week to make a pair of socks. If I knit nothing but socks; it'll take me over 5 years to knit them all.

And that's if I stop looking at all the gorgeous socks on Ravelry and adding them to my queue!

But I am going to work through them....well, try at any rate! I will cross off the ones I make and fill in the progress bar at the top as I go.

I'm still planning to start the 52in52 next year. I have two more pairs to make from the A-Z challenge this year first and finish a test knit I am doing too.

At least the 52 pairs I knit next year will make a small dent in the list on the right!

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