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Friday, 27 March 2009

OMG, guess what I found!

I was rummaging through my stash to find the Aran wool for the GAAA (I figured if I stuck a ball in my project basket, it might inspire me to actually do a square or two) and I found yarn! Yarn that I bought last August when I went to Scotland! I totally forgot I had it and now I want to knit it *sigh*

Unfortunately, I didn't buy huge amounts of it, so there's probably not enough for a shawl/stole, but there is for a scarf -– although there are times when lace surprises me and I don't use as much as I think I will.

I also found the remainder of the purple yarn from MD/AN –- I've still got just over two balls left! This means that the Queen Ring Shawl might get done in purple for me after I've done it in whatever colour Mrs R wants it!

We had our first Knit-A-Lunch today, there were only a few of us; Joy, Jan, Linda and Rachael (and myself obviously). I don't know if we'll get more people for lunch as time goes by and there was some discussion about changing the day to a Saturday, I guess we'll just have to see…

Do you know what's REALLY cool? Seeing something you made being used! I made quite a lot of stuff for people just before Christmas and Kerry is the only one I've seen use the stuff. When I went up at the weekend, Phoebe used both blankets and a cardigan I'd made her.

I got quite a kick out of that LOL

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  1. OMG I Can't Believe Kerry Was The Only Person That Uses Stuff That You Make! I'm On Your Blog Mummy Lolz Xxx

    Jess X