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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights

It's finished! My god, I'm soooooooooooooo pleased with it! What do you think?

Pattern: Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights

Source: A Few Stitches Short

Time: 3-01-09 - 16-03-09


  1. Very nice!. To what size did it block out?

  2. Beautiful! I just love lace. You did a nice job!

  3. Holy cow, it's gorgeous!!! Very nice work and I'm sure it was a LOT of work! It looks like it blocked up to be a pretty good size. Can't compliment you enough! :)

  4. I didn't block it to it's full potential - the pattern says it should go to 90 x 30"! I think mine is about 60 x 25" I didn't use wires - I started to, but due to chronic back pain and a migraine, I couldn't sit there feeding the wires through, so we just pulled it into place

  5. I think there'd be something wrong with you if you weren't pleased with that. It's stunning!