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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fun with my friend

My friend Rachel text me at some ungodly hour this morning to ask if I was at home today (as I was asleep at the time and didn't think to check my phone, it was lunchtime before I replied!). I told her it was fine even though I was still fighting with the migraine that's been bugging me for a couple of days now, especially as I knew she wanted to see how I dyed stuff and she was itching to have a go on a drum carder too!

She didn't waste too much time and arrived pretty quickly. She had a good rummage through my stash, oohing and aahing as she went. She showed me the results of combing out some dyed Teeswater locks I'd picked up at Wonderwool for her - it was pretty good, but she really wanted a go on the drum carder. So I told her she could do that while the yarn cooked!

We went out to the kitchen and I dyed 3 skeins of Sorbet for my friend, Marie while Rachel watched and asked lots of questions. Then I let her loose with a skein of sock yarn. She used pale greens and pinks and created a gorgeous skein - photos to come when it's dry - which we're calling Roses.

Then she got the drum carder set up and we got going with that while the yarn cooked.

She ran her teeswater through and we rummaged around and found some other stuff, blue, white, bit of green, even a bit of beige until we ended up with this:

I understand it's been shown to the whole family and that they're suitably impressed!

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