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Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm a Fibreholic

If you live in the States, you get Phat Fibre, if you're in the UK you get Fibreholics.

I decided to go for a Fibreholics box this time, turns out I was the first to order a box.

It came today and I love it all (apart from one which is really scratchy, but I might have a go at felting that!)

Want to see pictures? Of course you do, it's what you came for innit!

Fibreholics box

An English Wool Blend called 'Pinks' from Six Swans

Corriedale - 'Copper Beach' from Sparkleduck

Superwash BFL from Colourful Designs

BFL from The Bear Necessities

A gorgeous Merino & Silk Ltd Edition mini batt called Hollyhock from Wicked Woollens

Falkland Wool from Green Eyed Monsters

Merino/Tussah Silk - 'Mystic' from Juno Fibre Crafts

Corriedale Top from Skeins

Lincoln wool from Sheepshape

and Superfine Merino in 'Wisteria' from Freyalyn

Isn't it all gorgeous - can't wait to spin some of this up!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing... really adorable :-)

    hugs Shani

  2. wow, it all looks yummy, sad I didn't contribute this time now..!

  3. Hi, I'm glad you got one of my Lincoln wool samples! The "scratchy" one that you refer to is mine. I decided to put a few samples of it in this round so people could try something that they might otherwise not try. I find it works really well for items that need greater durability than usual. Try using the resulting yarn as the base of a bag or basket, or as the outer fabric on some slippers!

    If you like it, I have more in various colourways at .

  4. Glad you got one of my samples, really hope you enjoy it. Remember you get free shipping from me with your fibreholics code!