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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tour de Fleece

The Tour de France is fast approaching which, for us spinner types, means the Tour de Fleece!

The idea is that you spin when they cycle and rest the days the cyclists rest. That is not a rule - it's a guideline and there are groups for all different types.

These are just some of the groups already up:

  • Team Hopelessly Over Committed - got a lot on your plate? Then this is the team for you
  • Team Rookies - new to spinning or your first Tour de Fleece, then join them.
  • Team Sprinters - spinning something that will take a lot of work (lace?), then join them
  • Team Breakaway - for the art yarn spinners
  • Team Lantern Rouge - for those who just want to dip in and out and not commit
  • Team Peloton - we're all in this to begin with!
  • Team Stashbusters - spin some of your stash!
  • Team Climbers - going to spin for a large project - join the climbers
Then there's the wildcard teams, if you like a specific fibre, check to see if they have their own team. If you have a local spinning group - see if they have a team.

We have Team Social. If you use twitter, facebook or any other social networking site, please feel free to join us!

The cool thing about the Tour de Fleece is that you can be in as many groups as you want and it's all good fun. The idea is to challenge yourself!

So far I've created Team Social and joined Teams Climbers, Rookies, Stashbusters, Hopelessly overcommitted and sprinters!

I'm very excited about this, I wasn't able to participate last year due to the fact that I couldn't spin on the Ashford Traditional and the Joy hadn't yet arrived.

Please come and join in the fun and if you join Team Social, you may even win a prize!

1 comment:

  1. i have joined!! what a great idea to create another group x