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Friday, 7 May 2010


This week, fluffosity started selling hand dyed yarn.

I collected 10k of yarn from Andy at Wonderwool, 7 of sock and 3 of lace but I haven't felt up to dyeing anything until this week.

Well, I've had an absolute blast! It's so much more fun than dyeing fibre and I had 3 people nagging me for an entire day while I was reskeining and taking photos of the yarn to get it uploaded in my Folksy shop.

Within the first hour I sold 4 skeins and 3 braids of roving, I've also had a few custom orders and more fibre sold today!

I am absolutely over the moon!

My little fit about a crap banner was solved today by the most fantabulous Sarah, get a load of this!

Isn't that just great? I'm going to keep it to just the plain writing with my cat for my labels and business cards, but that banner will be used online!

I owe her a case of Strongbow!


  1. So glad I could bring you a little bit of happeh...Sam :)

  2. I am happy to admit to being a stalker of yours! :0) Cant wait to get my parcel - now just have to snag it before hubby declares it has to wait till monday for my birthday! :0)

  3. What lovely lovely things. I came here from your blog via Wyndwitch. The giveaway sounds like fun but I'm here anyway, for Independence Day.

    I've had a spinning wheel for a few days and need to get started so am window shopping for a few days online.

    I'm very glad to have found this!

    Best wishes

    Tattyknits (Ravelry)