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Thursday, 22 April 2010


As I told you here, my mother has just retired.

This week, not only did she turn 68 but the Cheshire Home threw her a retirement party and I was invited too!

I don't know what either of us were expecting really, my mother doesn't suffer fools gladly and has the reputation of being a bit of a cow up there LOL (guess we all know where I get it from!), we thought a cuppa tea and a slice of cake kinda deal with one or two people that have been there a long time like she has.

Well, nearly everyone was there! They put on a huge buffet with sandwiches, slices of meat, rice, potato salad, cheesecake, trifle, non alcoholic wine (so the working staff and clients {who are all on meds of some kind} could join in!) then there was cake for afters!

The manager who used to work the night shift with Mum gave a lovely speech and got quite emotional. They gave Mum cards and a bunch of flowers and an envelope which we opened later and it was stuffed full of vouchers for the garden centre! There was well over £100 of vouchers. Mum was gobsmacked!

Then at 2.30 they asked us to stay a bit longer as the Dogs for Disabled people were coming for a demonstration.

They were great and showed us just how much they can help a disabled person with everyday life! Here are some photos (apologies for the blurriness, they were taken on my iPhone and it doesn't like motion shots!):

This is Angel opening the cupboard and getting something out of it:

Here she is picking up her partners purse from the top:

She loved getting the mail in the morning!

It was a fantastic demonstration and the dogs were very well behaved!

The tree that I mentioned in the Retirement post?

It's already got blossoms on it!

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  1. Nice to turn a leaving do into something really special!!!