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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dog Attack!

First off, please be warned - the pictures I am about to show you may upset you!

We own a border collie, his name is Kim. He's 12 years old. He's a big friendly loving dog and adores everyone. His only failing is that he pulls on the lead. Due to this, I can't walk him.

When he was younger and the children were young, Kim started to suffer from stress. This was due to the fact that he wasn't getting enough exercise and that he was constantly trying to herd the children, who - annoyingly - wouldn't stay herded.

We contemplated selling him, but in the end he went to live with my Mum - as she is only next door and there isn't a fence between our properties; this wasn't a big upheavel for any of us!

Kyle walks Kim every evening and Kim spends the rest of his time racing around the garden with a football or squeaky toy.

Kyle got home tonight in a right state. Another dog had attacked Kim while they were out walking.

Apparently Kyle was walking up a street and spotted a man holding a dog on the opposite side of the road. The other dog dragged the man across the road and bit Kim on the face.

The man apparently beat the hell out of the dog to make it stop and then told Kyle it wasn't his dog, it was his friends and that his friend would pay the vets bill for any treatment. Kyle said he seemed quite upset and he gave Kyle the owners first name and mobile phone number.

I called the owner - Thomas - on his mobile. He was quite pleasant to begin with, but then he tried to say that the dog had bitten Kim 'in surprise when both dogs rounded the same corner and bumped into each other'! As I tried to tell him that this was not the case, he kept speaking over me louder and louder.

Eventually, I was forced to hang up on him and I contacted both a vet and the police.

The police officer I spoke to first was quite blunt and said that there was very little that could be done and that the dog probably wouldn't even be destroyed, especially as it was on a lead. I was furious and told him that that stunk! He said to call them back after I'd seen the vet and they'd send someone out.

I called the vet, she offered to see him, but after establishing that Kim was calm, had eaten and drunk something and wasn't fussing - that it would be less stressful to him to be left until morning.

I called the police back and got a totally different attitude than before. The female officer was very nice and said she would send it down to the control room to get someone out to us, that it was clearly a case of an uncontrollable dog.

Due to the fact that something is happening locally, they are unable to send someone out to us tonight, but someone will come out in the morning.

These photos have been taken as evidence.

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  1. I work at a vet and I can't believe some of the idiot people that are allowed to have pets. It's so unfair to the animals. I really hope your pooch is okay! I'm sure it was more upsetting to you that her. She sounds like a tough broad with a positive outlook on life. :o)