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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Operation Craft Room - The beginning

As you may remember, Jess agreed to move out of my bedroom so that I could have it back and turn it into my craft room!

Well, today was the first step - she has moved her bed stuff upstairs and all the games consoles out of the boxroom.

I've decided to keep a diary of the journey of the room from shared bedroom/dumping room to my Craft Room - complete with photos.

Here are the first lot - you basically have an all round view of the room here.

Isn't that just awful? Look at the state of the room! First of all, I need to get the rest of Jessica's stuff out of there - all her clothes, stuffed animals and....................stuff! She has a lot of stuff...I think it breeds!

Once she's out completely, then the bed will go upstairs - probably to Kyle. That will be an all day job because it will have to be totally dismantled to get it upstairs. That's a day of screaming at each other and lots of swearing probably.

After that I need to sort out my desk - Alex wants that!

You see all that stuff under the window? I have a confession, that's my stuff, not Jessica's - it's all my books. I decided ages ago to get rid of all my books as I had bought an e-book reader. I made loads of money and could afford to take the kids on holiday to Scotland last year. Oh hey, if I sell a load more, I'll be able to afford a new WooLee Winder for Edward!

Then my mum is going to seal the room as we have a problem with slugs getting in there.

After that, I shall paint it - I think I'll go with white and display some of my finer shawls on the wall!

This is not going to be a quick project, but I'll keep you updated!

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