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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Blending Challenge

I finished the blending challenge last night. I had to borrow a Niddy Noddy as Joy took back her skein winder on Monday

Rachael kindly loaned me her niddy today.

So, I started off with this:

This is a wool mix blend from Karen who I bought Edward from. The blue is called Midnight and the pink is called Starlet.

I used my carders to blend the two colours together, I played with adding more blue then more pink and I turned them into rolags:

They were all so individual!

Next I started spinning. I spun most of it but I must admit; I knew I wasn't going to use the yarn for anything and I quickly got bored! After I'd spun a sufficient amount...

...I thought about plying. At first I thought I'd Navajo ply, but the yarn was quite overspun and it snapped easily so I 2 plied it.

Now to get started on the Christmas challenge...

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