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Friday, 12 September 2008

Square 4

:Sigh: My aim to do a square a day died last night, I had a migraine attack and couldn't finish square 4 by Meredith K. Morioko. I got up (off the floor!) this morning and decided to go on Ravelry before starting today's knitting - WHY do I do that?? Ravelry wastes soooooo much time LOL.

I didn't get around to picking up my needles until lunchtime, finished the square and I am now fighting with square 5, I've never worked a square in this way before and it definitely isn't going to be finished today :sighagain:


  1. Don't you just love wasting your time on Rav???
    The squares look great can't wait to see the finished Afghan.Going to add you to my blogroll so i can keep up with it's progress:)
    Im sorry about your Migranes been there doing them so know how you feel!!

  2. Ravelry is great, isn't it! My hubby doesn't understand my knitting obsession, consequently he doesn't get Ravelry!

    Your squares are beautiful...can't wait to see the finished product!