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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Square 3, Kyle @ college, on the floor...

Here's Square 3 by Marian Tabler, took me a while longer this one, couldn't get the gist of the pattern and had to rip back every now and then. But, I finally finished it about 2 o'clock this morning. I'm aiming for a square a day -- I have no life lol.

Kyle started college proper this week, he seems to be enjoying it although we have had some backlash tantrums at home. This is nothing unusual, just his way of venting due to the huge change he's gone through with his routine this year. Leaving high school and starting college must be pretty scary for him!

I've started sleeping on the floor, I've been doing so since Monday night to see if it helps at all with my back…I must be totally honest and say that I do think there's a slight improvement, although I was bloody cold the first night - but I added an extra duvet and I've been fine since…as you can see Isis (who has had all her coat chopped) loves going to bed!

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